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Thomas M Lee Law Offices

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Attorney Thomas M. Lee aggressively represents corporate and individual clients in the areas of California labor and employment law as well as immigration law. He has been selected as a Super Lawyer two consecutive years in a row - 2019 and 2020 in recognition of his achievements which is given only to the top 5% of all attorneys. 1) Class Action & Individual cases: Thomas M. Lee represents employees and employers in employment and labor law disputes - including claims for unpaid overtime and minimum wages, meal and rest break violations, unpaid vacation wages, wrongful and illegal termination, as well as claims for age, pregnancy, gender, and disability discrimination and harassment and class action lawsuits. Thomas M. Lee has won over $10 million in class action and individual settlements and judgments against an airline company, national pharmaceutical companies, newspapers, and large restaurant organizations. 2) Immigration and Naturalization Law: Thomas M. Lee helps tens of thousands of immigration clients successfully obtain their green cards, temporary work visas, restore their immigration status, avoid deportation and file appeals. Due to his effective methods and strategies as an immigration lawyer, over 95% of the cases Thomas M. Lee submits are approved. Finally, all clients are given access to their complete client file via the firm's secure cloud server. This enables our clients to always know what's going on with their case.


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