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Story Charmer

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We help people write their projects by talking them. Through an organized series of in depth intervi


we use Story Charmer's signature method, Talk Your Draft, to draw out your expertise and map its delivery in desirable, market savvy ways. Former copy writer and brand strategist for solopreneurs, Story Charmer served "guru personalities," business owners whose personality is the selling point more than the product. Our challenge and success was to identify, capture and write clients' personalities in ways that inspired their audiences, marketed to their growth, and framed their offers in each client's unique and compelling voice. This history serves the Talk Your Draft client in the same way--infusing their content, be it book, bio or presentation, with their winning personality and impactful expertise. A 12-year history inside industries as diverse as entertainment, finance, education, non-profit and advertising technology gives Story Charmer an insider's perspective for a broad range of clients.


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