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Lush Massage

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My healing journey started in 2010 when I enrolled at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. At that point in my life, I was totally lost and confused, and I was really struggling. I experienced depression, anxiety, and fatigue. I engaged with life as minimally as possible, and though it looked as though I was engaged and happy from the outside, I was deeply unsatisfied and caught up in destructive self criticism and hopelessness. I would have waves of hope and joy, but depression was my baseline.

It has taken quite a few years, but I can now say that joy is my baseline, along with deep gratitude that continually brings me to tears. I feel a sense of ease and purpose. I engage fully with life now. And yes, I still hit some low points and places of struggle because that’s the nature of life. We peel away one layer and it’s on to the next one! But it’s much easier now to come back to joy, and my low points don’t sink that low and don’t stick around for very long (like generally a day at the most, usually a few minutes or hours).


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